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Chishawasha Hills Project
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Our Vision

To provide high quality products and quality workmanship with the highest customer appeal thereby enhancing a sustainable leadership position in the industry we operating and competing.

Our Mission

To develop and grow a viable efficient business that provides rewarding experience for the organisation’s stakeholders

Our Values

  • Teamwork
  • Customer Satisfaction

About the Company

We hereby have pleasure in submitting a brief profile of our Company's activities. Glass and Aluminum World was established in 2010 May therefore we have 5 years in this business. Our company business scope is the production of aluminium doors and windows ,laminated and art glass ,wholesale of all kinds of float glass and aluminium alloy. The company has a window and door auto-production line which is the only one in Zimbabwe. This line is using the Italy ALTECHCO technology equipment ,the production line is composed of digital display ,double-head precision cutting saw ,copy milling machine ,corner crimping machinefor aluminium windows and doors etc. Doors and windows production from design ,cutting of material and assembling is is completed by computer and equipment.In addition we always keep 30 000 square metres warehouse inventory of all kinds of glass ,aluminium 50 tonnes inventory and a full set of accessories ,daily we can produce 100 sets of doors and windows. The company has proudly completed big projects such as AFM Church(Glen Norah),United Methodist Church,ZMDF Building,Waterfalls,small and medium projects such as many of the houses in Chishawasha Hills,New CBD Centre Borrowdale.

Through our years of operation, we have developed a firm clientele base, resultant from the satisfaction of our customer’s needs and expectation.The organisation’s technical innovation forges its core competitiveness in the market. With top production equipment, highly skilled personal,Glass and Aluminum World has the capacity to effectively ensure high class production and guaranteed quality workmanship. We have vast experience in Project Management,thus from start to commissioning stage.